Welcome to Meerensee Boat Club

The club was started on the 14th November 1981 with 4 Bay Boats. The name was Impangela Boat Club. During 1986 The Drift Sands Boat Club went under and all the members joined us. On the 18th of May 1984 the name was changed to Meerensee Boat Club.

The Light Tackle division was started by Hendrik Kuhn in 1986. The cano and kayak guys joined the club in 1986. The Ski boat division was started by Dawie Du Plessis in 1994/1995. The 21 Species fishing festival was started by Kokkie Jacobs in 1992 and the first Competition was held on the 18th and 19th of June 1992 and is today one of the most popular competitions with 1000 anglers participating yearly.

The names of the people who started the club:
Willie and Drieka Brits, Bruce and Denise Harvey, Late Paul Myburg, Piet Roos, Gert Smith, Jimmy Grimsdell, Daantjie Van Rensburg, and Daryl Shelver.

Committee members

Corne Kleinschmidt Commodore 084 456 7829 corne.kleinschmidt@modigroup.com
Trevor Goddard Vice Commodore 082 434 9381
Heinz Paul Staff 071 471 9067 iningi143@telkomsa.net
Jacobus v Zyl Addisional Member 083 657 8923 jacobus.redline.vanzyl@gmail.com
Giepie Joubert Grounds 078 800 1714 gjcivils.construction@gmail.com
Karen Wardell Bar & Kitchen 078 457 4948 karen.leaity@south32.net
Lourain Cowie Treasurer 083 661 7509 lourain60@gmail.com
Chris Smit Up Country 084 887 5595 smitchris59@gmail.com
Trevor Harvey Safety Officer 082 822 6485 nelsmarine@telkomsa.net
Flippie Myburgh Safety Officer 082 903 2783 flippiem@komatsu.co.za